What We Provide

DOREN, the Blockchain-based, Transparent & Reliable

Doren Project in the spotlight at power plants!
Take a look at what DOREN can provide to all users.

DOREN is building a new renewable energy monitoring system.
1. Renewable Energy Trade Mediation
The DOREN Team provides a convenient trade mediation that satisfies both energy producers and investors by closely observing & recording renewable energy production using blockchain technology.
DOREN will continue to provide more convenient and diverse features.

2. Renewable Energy Integrated Monitoring
The core energy technology is currently undergoing a drastic change into the world of eco-friendly, renewable energy.
The DOREN team has successfully kept track of renewable energy productions with the blockchain and completed development to monitor collected data, based on the transparency and integrity of the blockchain data.

For DOREN nodes and investors, DOREN also provides New Renewable Energy Monitoring / Mediation System

3. Renewable Energy DeFi Solution
DOREN offers renewable energy monitoring / mediation as well as mediation features. Efficient mining and better staking relies on the amount of data that power plants (nodes) provide. Explore and enjoy extensive functions of DOREN!

DoRen Project
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