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DKT reward

Welcome to DOREN.

DOREN is a decentralised energy project to mediate and trade transparent and reliable content for new renewable energy data produced at small power plants at a national level.

The DOREN Foundation supports DeFi Staking solution for DRE holders who participate in the staking.

DRE holders apply for participation in the staking solution and
stake the amount of DRE they wish. Staking helps revitalise the DOREN community. Information and news related to renewable energy in the platform are shared within the community. DOREN’s stable token DKT is rewarded for the staking compensation.

Also, DOREN users by participating in brokerage systems that proceed within the platform can obtain DRE as a variety of fees for REC brokerage, SMP brokerage and others.

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Decentralized New Reneable Energy Integrated Monitor Mediate Project. For more info please invite