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Expanding energy usage and profits

Welcome to DOREN.

DOREN is a decentralised energy project to mediate and trade transparent and reliable content for new renewable energy data produced at small power plants at a national level.

For the challenges such as integrated control, forecast limits of energy for small power plants, lack of overall data reliability for energy generations and others, Doren suggests a solution with expanding small power generation energy usage and revenue business.

Due to the absence of an efficient data integration monitoring centre for small power generation resources, there isn’t a right platform for processors of smooth energy generation, storage, supply and trade to operate normally. This small power generation takes the form of many different kinds of power plants such as ESS cars, residential solar power, and local power generation energy.

New renewable energy produces additional profits for both producers and brokers through the trade of System Marginal Price (SMP) and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). If these energies are integrated, monitored 24/7 in one place and facilitates mediation trades, they can create profits for both producers (suppliers) and consumers.

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Decentralized New Reneable Energy Integrated Monitor Mediate Project. For more info please invite