Different Types of Renewable Energy

DOREN Seeks for Them

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With DOREN, Renewable Energy can be generated.
Take a look at the different types of Renewable Energy!

1. Fuel Cell Energy
Fuel Cells use chemical energy of hydrogen to efficiently produce clean energy. and Fuel Cell Energy technology has limitless potentials as a reliable energy source in the future.

2. Sunlight/Solar Energy
Solar Energy is a source of renewable energy, generated from the solar panels. Using the Sun as the source, Solar energy is considered to have infinite potentials of renewable energy.

3. Hydrogen Energy
Hydrogen Energy is the core renewable energy of the future, which can be used in the majority of industrial fields, and is possibly the most effective and convenient form for transportation.

4. Bio-Energy
Bio-Energy is electric and thermal energy generated from biochemical and physical reactions from burning organic matters.

5. Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy is a sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy produced from the heat within the earth.

6. Wind Energy
Wind Energy is an eco-friendly energy which utilizes wind’s kinetic energy to turn turbines.
The future is a world that generates energy with technology!

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