[Attention]Incorrect Deposit of Digital Asset

We have noticed that nonrecoverable deposits cases were still made while depositing or transferring the digital asset within the wallet or on the external exchange. In order not to encounter any damages on your digital asset, we ask our dear users to pay careful attention to the deposit or asset transfer process.

*Important points for your attention before deposit and/or withdrawal of digital assets*

  • Incorrectly deposited digital assets carry the risk of permanently nonrecoverable.
  • Even technically recoverable cases often fail due to costs incurred for recovery and security issues.
  • When depositing digital asset, we ask our users to carefully check the address system and chain(network) type of the digital asset before deposit, and also suggest users to test the deposit with a small amount first.
  • Just because a particular digital asset has the same blockchain address format, that does not necessarily mean the usage of the same blockchain network. So, please make sure to check all the required details(as mentioned above) before your deposit.



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